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FF mark This page has investigated the model number of the Family Computer(FC) hardware which Nintendo released. and, the model number is HVC-??? by consecutive numbers. HVC is "Home Video Computer".
The left image is "FF-mark". FF is abbreviation of FAMICOM FAMILY. This mark came to be put to the hardware of the family computer at latter term.
"Family Computer" was named "NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(NES)" in other country. and, The model number is also different. Please refer to the following for them. This page must be careful to being a page about Family Computer. This page wrote based on the information in Japanese shop and on network.
♦ Official Web Pages
Nintendo HomePage : Family Computer manufacturer's web site is located here. It is, of course, in Japanese.
Model No. Model Name Comments
HVC-001 Family Computer
It began the video game of Japan. As a result, it was shipped 19.23 million systems in Japan. It sold since July 15, 1983 for ¥14800.
HVC-002 AC Adapter AC adapter for Family Computer(HVC-001) and Super Famicom(SHVC-001/SHVC-101). Moreover, It can be used by VertualBoy(VUE-001) via AC adapter-tap(VUE-011). The price is ¥1500.
Input: AC100V 50/60Hz 18VA, Output: DC10V 850mA center minus (+-@--)
HVC-003 RF Switch Apparatus used when outputting Game through an antenna line. I recommend to use "RF switch UV(NUS-009)". The price is ¥1500.
HVC-004 75/300 OHM Converter It's apparatus that converts 75Ω coaxial cable into 300Ω feeder line. The price is ¥300.
HVC-005 Gun (Zapper) It's a light-gun for Familiy Computer. It sold since February 18, 1984.
HVC-006 Holster It's a holster for Gun(HVC-005).
HVC-007 Keyboard It's a keyboard for Family Basic. It's coloring similar to Family Computer.
HVC-008 Data Recorder It's a device to record data on the cassette tape. It's coloring similar to Family Computer.
HVC-009~HVC-011 Unidentified
HVC-012 Robot (R.O.B.) It's a funny robot. It begins to move reading the signal of the television even if the code doesn't connect.
HVC-013~HVC-020 Unidentified
HVC-021 Disk Card Quick Disc containing Disk Drive(HVC-022) game data. Data size capacity is approximately 110K×8bit(both sides).
HVC-022 Disk Drive Readout device of Disk Card that becomes main of "Disk System". It's put under the family computer. "Disk System" sold since February 21, 1986 for ¥15000.
HVC-023 RAM Adapter It's inserted in the cassette connector over the Family Computer. Family Computer reads the data of the disk drive saved there once. Dynamic RAM: 256kbit, Static RAM: 64kbit
HVC-024 Unidentified
HVC-025 AC Adapter for Disk Drive AC adapter for Disk Drive(HVC-022).
Input: AC100V 50/60Hz 9VA, Output: DC9V 400mA center minus (+-@--)
HVC-026 RF Extension Cord It can extend the RF-cable by 2m.
HVC-027 CARD CLEANER It's a tool to clean the Disk Card(HVC-021). Details are uncertain.
HVC-028 Cartridge It's a tool to clean the Disk Card(HVC-021). Details are uncertain.
HVC-029 HEAD CLEANINE SPRAY It's a tool to clean the Disk Drive's Head. Details are uncertain.
HVC-030 HEAD CLEANINE CARD It's a tool to clean the Disk Drive's Head. Details are uncertain.
HVC-031 3D System Scope "3D System" is a peripherals that makes the three-dimensional image with a liquid crystal shutter. It's a goggle that had the liquid crystal shutter, installed in the head.
HVC-032 3D System Adapter It is an adaptor that connects "3D System Scope" with Family Computer.
HVC-033~HVC-049 Unidentified
HVC-050 NETWORK SYSTEM The network was able to be communicated with Family Computer. Details are uncertain.
HVC-051 NETWORK Controller It's controller for NETWORK SYSTEM.
HVC-052 Unidentified
HVC-053 Modular Cable It's the modular cable (Telephone Cord) of 4m.
HVC-054 Telephone Switch It's an equipment that splits the modular cable into two.
HVC-055~HVC-100 Unidentified
HVC-101 New Famicom It's Family Computer corresponding to the video output. It can enjoy a display that is more beautiful than the RF output. It sold since December 1, 1993 for ¥6800.
HVC-102 Controller It's controller only for New Famicom(HVC-101).
HVC-103 RF Modulator When RF is output with NewFamicom, it is necessary peripherals. The price is ¥1500.
Unidentified after HVC-104

NES-002: AC Adapter
NES-003: RF Switch
NES-004: Controller
NES-005: Zapper
NES-012: R.O.B.
NES-026: Advantage Joystick
NES-027: Max Joypad
NES-028: Power Pad
NES-030: Cleaning Kit
NES-031: Cleaning Kit Wand
NES-032: Satellite 4 Player Wireless
NES-033: Satellite Wireless Receiver
NES-034: Four Score
NES-039: Controller (Redesign)
NES-101: NES (Redesign)

"Family Computer" was named "NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(NES)" in other country. It restricts it to the light introduction here. because, I have only little information. Sorry. Please refer to these official pages.
by the way, NES(NES-001) sold since October 18, 1985. and, Redesign(NES-101) sold since October 15, 1993.
♦ Official Web Pages
NINTENDO OF AMERICA: The official Nintendo site of America. It is in English.
Nintendo of Europe: The official Nintendo site of Europe. Various European languages are available.

NES-031 (@March 27, 2006) was offered information by JonathanVB-san. Thanks!

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