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N-Cube This page has investigated the model number of the NINTENDO64(N64) hardware which Nintendo released. and, the model number is NUS-??? by consecutive numbers.
NUS is "Nintendo ULTRA Sixtyfour(64)". "NINTENDO64" was called "ULTRA64" before the name determination. The code name of the NINTENDO64 is "Project Reality".
The left image is "N-CUBE" in the LOGO of "NINTENDO64".
Please refer to these official pages about each peripherals. because, this page wrote based on the information in Japanese shop and on network. but I think that "probably, there is no difference, except a region and a power supply".
♦ Official Web Pages
Nintendo HomePage : NINTENDO64 manufacturer's web site is located here. It is, of course, in Japanese.
NINTENDO64 : The official NINTENDO64 page of Japan.
NINTENDO OF AMERICA : The official Nintendo site of America. It is in English.
Model No. Model Name Comments
NUS-001 NINTENDO64 The TV game machine with the flexible performance which can be equal to long-term use and can be used to various games. It was a low price machine compared with this high performance, in those days. consequently, the machine was complicated and software development was made difficult.
Refer to the following for system specifications.
  • Japan [NUS-001(JPN)]: June 23, 1996.
  • U.S. [NUS-001(USA)]: September 29, 1996.
♦ System color and price history in Japan
NINTENDO64 (Black) sold June 23, 1996 for ¥25000.
Price reduced March 14, 1997 to ¥16800.
Price reduced July 1, 1998 to ¥14000.
NINTENDO64 "Clear Bule" "Clear Red" sold December 1, 1999 for ¥14000.
Furthermore, there are a lot of limited edition(limited color).
NUS-002 AC Adapter AC adapter for NINTENDO64. It is connected to the "AC ADAPTER IN" on the system. Price is ¥2500 in Japan.
Input: AC 100V 50/60Hz 45VA/42VA , Output: DC 3.3V 2.7A; DC 12V 0.8A , Size: width 114mm x depth 74mm x height 44mm , Weight: appoximately 250g
NUS-003 RF Modulator An instrument required, when outputting using "RF switch(NUS-009 or HVC-003 etc.)". It is connected to the "MULTI OUT" on the system. Probably, there are few people using this nowadays. because, the quality of a picture is inferior, and a monaural sound. It can be used by Nintendo64(NUS-001/NUS-101) and NintendoGameCube(DOL-001/DOL-101), SuperFamicom(SHVC-001) and SuperFamicom Jr.(SHVC-101) .
  • Japan: June 23, 1996 for ¥1000.
NUS-004 Controller Pak It is battery backup memory, of about 2Kbit x 123pages (total appoximately 256Kbit). It attaches in the Controller's back. It is seldom used.
If controller pack compatible software is started pushing a start button, it would become a controller pack menu screen, and you can delete data. Incidentally, the controller pack menu is different with various maker.
One controller pack can save up max 16 game notes.
  • Japan: June 23, 1996 for ¥1000.
Controller Pak compatible Mark This mark is printed by the package of controller pack compatible software in Japan.
NUS-005 Controller There is a A-button and B-button, C button unit (four buttons group), R trigger button, in the right grip. There is a + Control Pad (directional pad), L trigger button, in the left grip. There are a start button and a 3D stick, in the center grip. and, there is a Z-trigger button in this back. 3D stick is the input equipment of the analog style which can read the degree of angle of inclination and direction of a stick.
There are three positions of Left position (use left grip & center grip), and Famicom position (use left grip & right grip), and Right position (use center grip & right grip). However, a Right position was almost the case.
If a start button is pushed, pushing the LR button, the neutral position of 3D stick is changing. A neutral position can be shifted intentionally.
There is a color variation of Gray, Black, Red, Green, blue, yellow, clear blue, clear red, PIKACHU version (blue&yellow, orange&yellow), and many. These are called "Controller Bros.".
  • Japan: June 23, 1996 for ¥2500.
NUS-006 Game Pak (Cassette) The software supply media of Nintendo64. It is heavier than the cassette of SuperFamicom(SNES). Capacity is 64Mbit~512Mbit (8MB~64MB). Data Transfer Rate is 5.3MB/sec.
NUS-007 Expansion Pak It is "RAMBUS D-RAM" of 36Mbit, and the memory of Nintendo64 is doubled. It is installed into Memory Expansion connector on the system, after Jumper Pak is removed.
  • Japan: June 18, 1999 for ¥2800.
Expansion Pak compatible Mark (since December 10, 1999) Expansion Pak compatible Mark (since June 18, 1999) This mark is printed by the package of controller pack compatible software in Japan. It is the same meaning although there are two marks. because, renamed since December 10, 1999. (The left is newer.) There is unofficial compatible software, in part.
"DonkeyKong64", "Legend of Zelda -Majora's Mask-", "PERFECT DARK" surely needs Expansion Pak.
NUS-008 Jumper Pak It is installing into Memory Expansion connector from first. Don't remove until it installs with Expansion Pak(NUS-007).
NUS-009 RF Switch
(RF Switch UV)
Apparatus used when outputting Game through an antenna line. but, in the various output methods, quality is worst. In NINTENDO GAMECUBE and NINTENDO64 and Super Famicom Jr.(SNES Redesigned), "RF Modulator(NUS-003)" is required for connection.
  • Japan: June 23, 1996 for ¥1500.
NUS-010 64DD It seems that only 15000 sets sold in the world, and 85000 sets became a scrap. The name of 64DD was the abbreviation for 64DiskDrive at first. However, 64DD became a formal name. It is installed into Expansion Connector(EXT.) on the system's base. and, 64DD surely needs Expansion Pak. The Expansion Pak that is bundled with the 64DD.
  • Japan: December 14, 1999.
  • U.S.: none
  • Europe: none.
♦ 64DD Specifications
Power Supply : It supplies from Nintendo64.
Electricity Consumption : 14.40W (max)
Record System : Double-sided magnetism record
Format Capacity : appoximately 64.45Mbyte (64,458,560byte)
Data Transfer Rate : appoximately 1.0Mbyte/sec. (max)
Clock Function : Built-in
Operating Temperature Range : 5~40°C
Operating Humidity Range : 20%~85%RH (without dew condensation)
Size : width260mm x depth190mm x height78.7mm
Weight : 1.6kg
NUS-011 64DD Disk The software supply media of 64DD. It was once called to as "64 Dynamic Data Disk (64DDD or 64DD)". but, "64DD Disk" became a formal name. It is unknown whether it has a meaning called "Dynamic Data". Total Capacity is about 64MB, and rewritable capacity is about 38MB.
♦ 64DD All Softwares
  • F-ZERO X -EXPANSION KIT- (Released at April 21, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Kyojin no Doshin: Kaihou Sensen Chibbikko Chikko Daishuugo (Released at May 18, 2000 for ¥3333)
  • Kyojin no Doshin 1 (Released at December 14, 1999 : bundled 64DD)
  • SimCity 64 (Released at February 24, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 (Released at May 2, 2000 for ¥3500)
  • Mario Artist: Communication Kit (Released at June 28, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Mario Artist: Talent Studio (Released at February 24, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Mario Artist: Paint Studio (Released at December 14, 1999 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Mario Artist: Polygon Studio (Released at August 31, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
  • Randnet Disk (Released at February 24, 2000 : bundled 64DD Kit)
NUS-012 Jumper Pak Ejector The instrument used when taking out Jumper Pak.
NUS-013 Rumble Pak By setting this to a controller pack connector, a controller can be rumbled with compatible software. It standardized at a stretch. but, Since there is a battery (two AAA batteries), it becomes slightly heavy.
  • Japan: April 27, 1997 for ¥1400.
Rumble Pak compatible Mark This mark is printed by the package of Rumble Pak compatible software in Japan.
NUS-014 Control Deck Cleaner Image of Cleaning Kit Package It inserts it instead of a game pak(NUS-006 etc.) and cleans a connector. It's contained in "Cleaning Kit". "Cleaning Kit" was released in foreign countries. not released in Japan.
NUS-015 Controller Cleaner It inserts it instead of a controller pak(NUS-004 etc.) and cleans a connector. It's contained in "Cleaning Kit". "Cleaning Kit" was released in foreign countries. not released in Japan.
NUS-016 Cleaning Wand It cleans a metal terminal such as game pak(NUS-006) and controller pak(NUS-004). It's contained in "Cleaning Kit". "Cleaning Kit" was released in foreign countries. not released in Japan.
NUS-017 Mouse It is common 2-buttons Mouse. It can be used to only operate "Mario Artist Series". but, if you wish to use Mouse, you can use mouse for other games. because, Left-Click is equivalent to A-button input. Right-Click is equivalent to B-button input. Mouse's vector is equivalent to 3D stick input.
  • Japan: December 14, 1999. bundled "Mario Artist : Paint Studio"
  • U.S.: none
  • Europe: none.
Mouse compatible Mark This mark is printed by the package of mouse compatible software(Mario Artist Series) in Japan.
NUS-018 Unidentified.
NUS-019 Transfer Pak By setting this to a controller pack connector, the data of GB Game pak(Cartridge) can be used to compatible software. Probably, it would be better to connect to the controller which is not used as much as possible, since it was unstable.
  • Japan: August 1, 1998 for ¥1400.
Transfer Pak compatible Mark Such marks exist. but, it is not printed by the package of compatible software, such as the Pokemon Stadium Series.
NUS-020 Voice Recognition Unit (VRU) Voice Recognition System. Compatible software is only for two (it is HEY YOU, Pikachu! and Densya de Go!!64). Sale of only these bundle versions.
NUS-021 Microphone It is common Microphone. It is connected to "Voice Recognition Unit(NUS-020)" etc.. It is bundled with Voice Recognition System Unit.
NUS-022 Microphone Holder It is the Microphone Holder of the type hung to a neck. It is bundled with Voice Recognition System Unit.
NUS-023 Cassette of Mario's Photopy It is Game Pak of "Mario's Photopy". There are two SmartMedia slots. and, The image of the digital camera of SmartMedia can be edited.
  • Japan: December 2, 1998 for ¥9800.(Mario's Photopy)
  • U.S.: none
  • Europe: none.
NUS-024 Unidentified.
NUS-025 Microphone Strap It is the Microphone holder of the type fixed to a controller. It is bundled with Voice Recognition System Unit.
NUS-026 Microphone Foam Ball The yellow-cover for the sound of a breath not being taken in by the microphone. It is bundled with Voice Recognition System Unit.
NUS-027 Unidentified.
NUS-028 Capture Cassette It is the cassette which can capture picture and a sound, on compatible software. What was captured can be used for a MARIO Artist's material. It is bundled with "Mario Artist : Talent Studio".
Capture Cassette compatible Mark This mark is printed by the package of Capture Cassette compatible software in Japan.
NUS-029 Modem It is 28.8kbps-Modem for Nintendo64. It is installed into Game Slot on system. It can be used only by "Mario Artist : Communication Kit " and "Randnet Disk"
Modem compatible Mark This mark is printed by the package of Modem compatible software("Mario Artist : Communication Kit " and "Randnet Disk") in Japan.
NUS-030 ~ NUS-100 Unidentified.
NUS-101 Pikachu NINTENDO64 It is Nintendo64 featuring PIKACHU, and size became large. The place of a power lamp moved from the front to the cheek of PIKACHU which is upside. It cannot install 64DD(NUS-010). System color is Orange&Yellow and Blue&Yellow.
  • Japan: July 21, 2000 for ¥1400.
Unidentified after NUS-102

NUS-014&NUS-015&NUS-016 (@May 12, 2005) was offered information by William-san. Thanks!
NUS-023 (@March 10, 2004) was offered information by Ekurame-san. Thanks!

NINTENDO 64 System Specifications

CPU : MIPS 64-bit RISC CPU (customized R4000 series)
Clock Speed: 93.75 MHz
MEMORY : RAMBUS D-RAM 36Mbit Transfer Speed: maximum 4,500M bit/sec.
(Extension of the memory is possible at "Expansion Pak".)
CO-PROCESSOR : RCP: SP (sound and graphics processor) and DP (pixel drawing processor) incorporated.
Clock Speed: 62.5MHz (MIPS 32-bit RISC loading)
RESOLUTION : 256 x 224 ~ 640 x 480 dots.
Flicker-free interlace mode support
COLOR : Max 32-bit RGBA Color frame buffer support
Standard 21-bit color output
Realistic texture mapping: Tri-linear filtered MIP-map interpolation, Perspective correction, Environment mapping

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