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VIRTUALBOY This page has investigated the model number of the Virtual Boy(VB) hardware which Nintendo released. and, the model number is VUE-??? by consecutive numbers. VUE is "Virtual Utopia Experience".
The left image is the LOGO of "VIRTUAL BOY".
Please refer to these official pages or other websites about Virtual Boy. because, I don't have Virtual Boy, and circumstantial data of Virtual Boy.
♦ Official Web Pages
Nintendo HomePage : VIRTUAL BOY manufacturer's web site is located here. It is, of course, in Japanese.
VIRTUAL BOY : The official VIRTUAL BOY page of Japan.
NINTENDO OF AMERICA : The official Nintendo site of America. It is in English.
Model No. Model Name Comments
VUE-001 Virtual Boy It's a game machine to be able to experience complete 3D screen. However, the display is a Red, Black monotone. It ended extremely by the short life. but, it was shipped 0.6 million systems in Japan.
  • Japan: July 21, 1995. ¥15000
  • U.S.: August 21, 1995.
VUE-002 Unidentified
VUE-003 Stand It is a stand to set up Virtual Boy.
VUE-004 Unidentified
VUE-005 Controller It's controller for Virtual Boy. There are two D-PAD and grips the feature.
VUE-006 Game Pak The software supply media of Virtual Boy. The following 19 titles were released in Japan.
  • Teleroboxer (July 21, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Mario's Tennis (July 21, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Galactic Pinball (July 21, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Red Alarm (July 21, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Tobidase! PaniBom (July 21, 1995. ¥4900)
  • T&E Virtual Golf (August 11, 1995. ¥6500)
  • Virtual PRO-YAKYU'95 (August 11, 1995. ¥5480)
  • Vertical Force (August 12, 1995. ¥4900)
  • V-Tetris (August 25, 1995. ¥4980)
  • Mario Clash (September 28, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Space Squash (September 28, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Jack Brothers no meiro de hi-ho-! (September 29, 1995. ¥4980)
  • Vertical Fishing (October 6, 1995. ¥5800)
  • Inmouse no yakata (October 13, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Virtual Boy Wario Land: Awazon no hihou (December 1, 1995. ¥4900)
  • Space Invader (December 1, 1995. ¥4980)
  • Virtual LAB (December 8, 1995. ¥5500)
  • Virtual Bowling (December 22, 1995. ¥5800)
  • SD GUNDAM DIMENSION WAR (December 22, 1995. ¥5800)
VUE-007 Batterie Pak It puts the battery to play Virtual Boy. and, it's set in controller's back. The battery life is about 7 hours(use 6 AA batteries).
VUE-008 & VUE-009 Unidentified
VUE-010 Eyeshade It closes the space made between Virtual Boy and the player's face and doesn't put extra light. The screen is made easy to see. ¥500.
VUE-011 AC Adapter Tap It's necessary peripherals to the connection of the AC adaptor to Virtual Boy. it's set in controller's back in exchange for Batterie Pak. ¥600.
VUE-012 Eyeshade Holder It's parts to set the Eyeshade(VUE-010).
VUE-013 Unidentified
VUE-014 Stereo Headphones It's a stereo headphone of the red color matched to Virtual Boy. ¥1000.
Unidentified after VUE-015

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